What Makes Us Different?

And What Does That Mean To You?

Our Ez-Vex Diamond Wheel Sharpening System is indeed “the Next Generation” sharpening system.

The Ez-Vex features a series of fine grade diamond “wheels” to remove the least amount of metal, ensuring your shears perfom at their best, stay sharper longer & protects your shear investment.

The Ez-Vex Diamond Wheel Sharpening System

The major difference is, the Ez-Vex system uses a  proven principe in geometry, using the “inside diameter” of the wheel to restore the true nature of convex shears.

The Ez-Vex also uses the flat front of the wheel for many bevel edged grooming & fabric shears.

Using this proven system to sharpen and restore your convex edge, is superior other sharpeners “jiggling” your convex edge over a flat spining disc, commonly called a “flat hone” system.

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Onsite Sharpening or Priority Mail

The choice is yours! We service the Greater Tampa Bay/St. Pete region up thru Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, Brandon & Plant City, and the entire country via USPS Priority Mail.

Hair salons and grooming salons are the majority of our clients we service. In the Greater Tampa Bay area, we come to you either by a pre-scheduled appointment or we may just be in the neighborhood. You can always check our Google Calendar to see where we are scheduled. We only schedule a week or so out and come thru most areas every six (6) s=weeks or so, but you can schedule a week out! We try to leave Saturday’s open for appointments as well.

If you are not in our service area, please consider using our USPS Priority Mail service here.

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