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Gone are the days when someone drove thru your neighborhood, sharpening your kitchen knives & scissors…

Yes, there are some sharpeners, (like Us!) that are still mobile, driving to your salons and such, but its sometimes a challenge to get some to you when you need your tools sharpened.

That’s a big reason we rely more & more on the USPS Priority Mail service.

But sometimes it is a challenge to get your “stuff” ready for shipment & taking it to the post office. 

We have a solution…we now offer FREE Return USPS Priority Mail service,  when you order on line, a minimum of $75 worth of service. You can even order a USPS Priority Mail label that you can print out & attach to your package…

Just carefuly wrap/package your items on your own…Please include you Name, Address, Cell Phone # in you package & we’ll contact you for billing and anything else.

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