What Makes Us Different?

We use an automated sharpening system called The Shop

Every aspect of sharpening your clipper blades has been refined to give you superior results, with this unique system that outperforms any other method available.

The Shop-Inc. Promo Video

Why The Shop?

Our AUTOMATED SYSTEM removes far less metal from your blades and reduces human error & inconsistencies, meaning your blade will last much longer, stay sharper, there by saving you money!

We're so confident in our system & methods, we'll even sharpen one blade for you, absolutely FREE just to show and prove our system.

Carefully package & wrap your sample blade & send it to:

All Ways Sharp   POB 5893   Plant City, FL 33566

Please enclose return postage or $3.00 for return postage and that includes tracking.

Include your Name, Address, Cell Phone # and a business card. Sorry, only one sample per business.

Your blade will be processed overnight and returned ASAP!

Our Method:

  1. Your blade is dissassembled & inspected for any severe damage. We use compressed air to remove any debris.
  2. Your blade is next sterilized/sanitized in our ultrasonic cleaner, removing blade plaque. 
  3. Your blades are force air dried then sharpened and checked for proper metal removal.
  4. Blades are brushed free of any minute debris and again, forced air cleaned.
  5. Your blade is then lightly oiled and reassembled, checking for proper set-back.
  6. Blades are tested for proper spring tension, approx. 3#
  7. Next your blades are demagnitized.
  8. Now we test the blade, cutting either rabbit fur and/or fake fur, then tested on string to ensure it cuts on each end & the center.
  9. We then prepare it for return shipping.

Time Lapse Of Our Sharpening Process

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