Shears Not Cutting?

…are your favorite shears folding or bending the hair? Dropped & now nicked?

Can't Slice A Tomato?

…are your trusty knives dull? Can’t seem to get them to stay sharp anymore?

DiamondPaw Ruff2Buff Nail System

Do you Dremel the dog's nail? Are you you using the newest DiamondPaw? Click Here!

Our Ruff2Buff Diamond Can't Be Beat!

These are the newest ones available, with an 80 grit on the outside, so it removes material quicker, without heating up & then you finish the dogs nail using the diamond inside the tip, for a fast, smooth finish.
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Need a new pair of grooming or hair stylist shears? Confused by all the different brands & styles? Don't want to get 'burned?"

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